My first month with my gx470

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Jetty Crue
Jan 19, 2015
So a little background. Had a lifted 80 on 31's with a few mods. Loved it, but it was getting older, slower, and had a few niggling issues. I also had another car and wanted to downsize from 4 cars to 3 (wife has an MDX). Listed my 80 and had it sold in about 6 hours. I was already always on Autotrader, BAT,, CL, clublexus vehicle classifieds, ih8mud classifieds, etc so I knew what my options were. I wanted something newer, v8, toyota. I thought I was stuck with a sequoia because I didn't want the AHC issues of the LX and the 2003 (5 speed) LC's were either in California or too expensive. Boring sequioa, the official car of the suburban soccer mom.

I knew the GX was a real 4wd off road capable vehicle though, and found one relatively close. Bought an 04, with 150k for 7500. Has Nav and air, no KDSS. Leather in great shape, couple scratches but looks great. Needed TPMS replaced and a couple other small things.

Got home, second day came out, had a flat. No problem, got my spare loose and it had essentially never ever been used. Got a new tire put on my spare, put the spare on. 2 days later, new spare is flat. While they are looking at that, they get it corrected because it was the inflator mechanism that was causing the leak, they told me I had a hole in my rear tire that they fixed as well. I have possibly the best tire shop in the world.

A week later, had another flat. Turns out I hit a nail. 3 flats in my first 2 weeks with the truck. Not an auspicious start. Also the dealer I bought it from screwed up the registration paperwork so my temp registration expired before the permanent one was processed.

Whew. . . OK, now the truck. Coming from a lifted 31" tire 80, this thing feels like my 370z in comparison. Fast, handles great (on sport setting), more room in the front, still has 3rd row, etc. I don't understand how it's smaller outside yet bigger up front. I am a little bummed about the rear door and the lack of space compared to the 80, but it's still plenty for me and my family. The 4.7 is THIRSTY. VERY THIRSTY. But . . . gotta pay to play so it is what it is.

Hoping to get a year out of the air before I go to real suspension. Not sure about removing the running boards. I kind of like them. I kept my cladding and running boards on my LX450. Definitely will lift and get better tires. Right now I'm running highway tires that stunk in the ice. But you can tell underneath the sorry tires and lack of lift is a beast that could be very very capable with a few mods.

Very very happy with my GX. I do have true cruiser envy as we aren't a real part of the cruiser brotherhood, but it's OK. I had locker envy before. I can live with it. Glad to be back on mud even if I was only gone for a couple weeks in between selling my 80 and buying my 120.

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