My BJ74 engine is busted

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Hi guys, finally we just took apart the engine and it looks like we have to change the head gasket, cylinder sleeves, pistons and rings. So far these are the things that we need to replace. Waiting to check if the head needs to be replaced too. Will continue on Monday.

Should I still change them? Or swap with the 14B first? I am trying to find out the costs and availability of these parts in USA. Do you guys have any recommendation on where I can get them? I contacted curiserparts and cruiseroutfitters by email. Waiting for their reply. If you guys know any other suppliers, please kindly inform me as well. Thank you.
I bet Engine Australia has everything you need to rebuild it. Shipping to the states is quick and economical (at least it was 7-years ago when I rebuilt my 3B) Think I ordered on a Thursday and it was on my doorstep on Monday. I got a new (non OEM) head, rebuild kit and it was $1356 AU total, shipped, $315AU was the shipping portion and the head was $438AU.
Engines Australia has all that and its good quality.
Make sure to get a few gaskets from Toyota as the engine Australia ones aren’t as good.

Headgasket - MLS Toyota
Intake/exhaust gasket - Toyota

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