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Mar 2, 2009
Newcastle, CA
Yes I do plan to put lights on my scale version, I’ll be casting the light housings in clear resin, making grille, door handles, mirrors, etc.

Currently working on getting three rigs functional right now so my boys and I each have a crawler to run at the same time (3rd rig is a Hilux 1.9)
The 1.9 SCX10 Cruiser is functional right now and seems to work pretty great - I just need to do a little bit more setup on it and figure out some armor and paint, and cast another body strengthened in the rocker area as I accidentally cracked this one at a thin spot along the body seam.
I’ve had these AR60s and 2.2s laying around for a while, so I setup a “wroncho”. I’ve never run a 2.2 rig before so I just went with a SOA/4-link setup for now, might try for a more scale thing later with CMS/3-link.
I accidentally cast this body WAY too thick - so last night I chopped out the front windows and might just go entirely window-less. Need to figure out a clever body mount for it without external body posts, perhaps ill try mounting to some metal sliders I gotta fab up still. Probably going to have to chop out more in the fenders to get it a tad lower.
Saving up funds for new electronics since I’m building two rigs from scratch, but hope to be running these all by summertime!


Wish my 1:1 Cruiser was a beast like this!
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Sep 5, 2011
Palm Springs, CA
Dude, @highonpottery if you'd be willing to cast one of the 100 series bodies for me I'd like to buy one from you! I'm getting an Axial 1:10 next week and have been searching everywhere to find the 100 body.

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