Moving to Colorado

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Jun 30, 2004
Denver, CO
Well, it’s official. I am now moving to Colorado. A few of you are aware that I lost my job in NC over a year ago and began doing some contract design work in a few states in the south. In the process of that, I also began looking for that type of work in Colorado because I always wanted to live there. My actually “moving” there was dependent on quite a few things, having stable work, selling the house, making sure it was the right thing to do….all of that. I have been commuting to Denver for a number of months to try it out and so far, so good. The last piece finally fell into place about a week ago, so now we are scrambling to pack up and get out of the house for the new owners.

I have a few things that I really don’t want to move, or can’t b/c the rental house is so small. I have some furniture (dresser, glass top table, bed frame), a 4-wheel steering mower, some aluminum wheels off my cruiser, some various car parts, etc. If anyone is interested, let me know ASAP b/c I will be doing a moving sale otherwise. On the 13th, if not sold, they will on a truck and heading across the country. I’m not looking forward to trailering the fj45 1500 miles, so if anyone knows a local shrink wrap place, that would be huge.

I will miss my house and all the work I did, I will miss my hanging out with my friends and Ramon's BBQ, and I will miss this beautiful state. But, I wanted to live in CO for over 20 years, and I don’t like living with regrets! If you find yourself in CO or passing through, look me up. There’s lots of wheeling within an hour of Denver, so tons of options for day trips!
Congrats Barry! I know you will love it there, it is such an awesome place.

Let me know if I can help in anyway...

Congrats Barry - glad it worked out...I remember talking about the potential opportunity over a beer about a year ago.

I could shrink wrap that 45 for ya if needed (but will not be held responsible for scratches, etc) :grinpimp:.

I will be heading out west in June, not sure if I'm driving or flying yet so I'll give you a shout once I find out my travel plans.

As Brett said, let us know if there is anything we can help with!!
Thanks! I'm excited about it. I spend a lot of time on the road all over the country these days, so I really haven't been IN colorado that much, and especially not since it's been warming up. Can't wait to hit some of the easy trails in the LX with the family in tow. Maybe the princess will begin to understand why I like wheeling so much. She just never cared for riding in that stinky 40!

I don't think I need help with anything at this point, but I appreciate the offers. Will let you know if that changes. I would love to make Rubicon this year, but I think the move will blow all my vacation time. I WILL be hitting Moab some's just too close not to.
I know you were looking forward to this "finally" working out. Congrats and wish you the best of luck.

If you get a chance let us know we should all grab one last NC beer with you.
Congratulations Barry, I know you wanted to do this and it's great things have worked out for you! Of course we'll miss you and the stinky 40 :) I hope you won't be a stranger.............
Congrats Barry! With a friend in CO, I now have that official excuse to visit there since I have always wanted to and haven't scratched it off the list. We could throw some Boston Butts too :) Oh yeah, I'm in on that last NC beer if and when that happens!

:beer: R
Barry, congrats and good luck. I was out working in denver area for a few days once upon a time and loved it.
Thanks guys. I will be home on Friday for nearly two weeks then heading out. I have a lot to do but can surely manage a beer in there! Absolutely anyone can crash if in town. I have one of the few driveways around, so parking can be had. Strangely enough, that's an asset in this hood. Fellow cruiserhead fjsandstorm is right down the street too, so we might be able to convince a pizza out of his wood fired oven. Very nice.... I won't be a stranger, but I can't promise I won't post teaser pics of all the kick butt trails out here. The snow runs are amazing and I'm sure this summer won't disappoint. Mostly, I'm just happy to be employed again!
Congrats man. Wish i could of made it out there with the military. Was not for the lack of trying . I kno you will love it out there. Hopefully i can make it out there one day.

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