More brake dust on passenger side ??

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Apr 15, 2013
Atlanta, GA
For some reason I can't seem to figure out, I'm getting quite a noticeable more amount of brake dust on the passenger side front wheel than the driver's side. It's been doing it for a while and I found a stuck piston in the passenger side caliper and figured it was dragging the brakes slightly causing the difference. I replaced the caliper since I couldn't unstick the piston and the brake dust difference remains the same. The new caliper pistons all move freely and it's not dragging anymore.

Here are the other details:
1). Tracks perfectly straight under braking, doesn't pull left or right.
2). Factory Toyota brake pads.
3). Fairly new matching Michelin tires.
4). Street driven mall cruiser / boat puller.
5). No offroading with the ATRAC kicking in.

Any other ideas the difference? Does the brake master cylinder electronics do any kinda of weird proportioning?

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