Modify Badlands Fairlead?


Nov 26, 2017
The reason the cable is touching the bumper is the fairlead is too low. The fairlead needs to be tucked under the gusset, and all will line up.

If he does as you suggest and call it done, the fairlead will only be supported by 2 small bolts. The fairlead can be subject to lots of force, the fairlead needs to be installed how ARB designed it.


Dec 8, 2006
New Jersey
FWIW, any Warn roller fairlead needs to be redrilled on the ARB. I had to do this on every M12K I installed.
Drill the fairlead not the bumper and don't screw around with improper fairlead mounting as mentioned. Mount it the way ARB intended it to be mounted.
If your fairlead doesn't work properly with the ARB bar, then get the correct fairlead from Warn. Get the correct mounting hardware from ARB.
Oct 22, 2018
Yuma, AZ
How was the install of the winch? Im looking to get one of those cheapo 12k badlands too.
Install was pretty straightforward. I followed everything on this thread:
HF Badlands 12 k DIY winch hack waterproof upgrade mod

Took the winch apart, removed old grease and re-greased with Valvoline Palladium and Lucas Red N Tacky 2. Removed the paper gaskets and put RTV gasket maker in its place to help waterproof it.

Bought the necessary spacers. These are the ones I used:
The provided longer bolts ended up being a little too long and would bottom out in the winch body. For now I just added an extra washer behind the bolt head to act as a spacer. Eventually I'll cut off the extra length.

Then I just installed it by placing the winch on the ground underneath and used a couple small ratchet straps to raise it up.

I still have to mount the winch control box somewhere as well as drill the holes in the fairlead that we've been discussing. Hopefully that will be a project for this weekend.
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