Modify ARB for Hawse???

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Dirty Koala

Mar 18, 2013
Draper, UT
I recently ordered up an Engo 12k winch with synthetic line. I originally planned to put in am M12000, but given my plans to transplant a cummins 6BT, I wanted to limit additional weight where possible.

I also picked up a slee offset hawse designed for the ARB.

My question is, should I plan to remove the fairlead brace "eyebrow" from the bumper so there is nothing for the synthetic rope to rub against when doing a pull where the anchor is elevated up above the winch.
I have the same setup and the "eyebrow" does not interfere at all. It looks a little weird not being used but oh well. I figured its a little more ramming protection.
Well that is good news, one less mod to make. Do you have the same winch also? If so, did you need to space it back 1/2" ?
That eyebrow is also reinforcement so I wouldn't remove it. It's a gusset somewhat.
I do have same winch. It has to be spaced 1/2"

Best customer service for a winch. I broke mine with steel cable spooling all on one side. Broke whole cage. Guy at engo USA sent me new motor and other pieces for FREE! I bought it from ipor. Guy at engo said anytime I have a problem just call for replacement parts.
I spoke to Joel at engo the other day...he was really helpful...I was surprised with the level of customer service. Good to know you also had a good experience.

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