Might be moving to Charlotte area.....looking for some info...

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Feb 5, 2010
Lafayette, IN
Hey guys and gals in NC! My name is John and I currently live and work in Indianapolis, Indiana. I'm up for a possible promotion at work with a few choices of areas to move to (jacksonville fl, Washington dc/maryland area, and charlotte). I'm leaning pretty heavily towards Charlotte. Problem is, I've never been to Charlotte and i really don't know what the area offers for a 28 yo single male. I'm just trying to be a little proactive in getting some information about the area, because if I end up getting the promotion and moving, it could be with very little notice. So what do you guys think of the area? I'm comming from central Indiana, so we have a big racetrack and lots of flat land filled with corn ;) What kinds of things are there to do in the area in my freetime? And how about the off-roading? Not a whole lot of ORV parks here in indiana, but the 2 or 3 we have are decent. So I'm really just trying to get an overall feel for the area, and charlotte in particular. Also, for those of you who live in charlotte, whats a good area to look for an apartment? I might not be able to even visit the city before i have to move, so most of my apt. searching is going to be on the web....and they all look good on there, lol. If you know any decent apt. complexes, let me know. Just looking for an inexpensive, 1 bedroom in a decent area, probably a suburb. Or anyone who has or knows someone who has a basement or something similar for rent or is looking for a roomate, let me about that as well. If there's an area for wrenching, thats a huge bonus! So anyway, if anyone has any info at all, it would be greatly appreciated! Not sure of the exact area in town I might be working in yet, but when I find out, I'll post up. Thanks in advance for your help! Maybe I'll get to meet some of you this summer! :cheers:

BTW - Heres a pic of my rig....94 FZJ80...taming the driveways of Indiana lol.
That pic is huge. Pm me a price on what you want to spend on an apartment and I could help you find one.

Offroading - both gulches, pickens and Uwharrie are all within 90 minutes.

The Farm in Denver is open every so often for wheeling.

OBX is 7 1/2 hours away.

Charlotte has a huge race track (or should I say tracks - circle, drag, dirt all next to each other)

Lots of truck pulls

Great Land Cruiser club, ONSC, in the area.

Charlotte has tons or great clubs and bars as well as 3 lakes being within 45 minutes.

Great restraunts.
Lots of good job opportunities.

Charlotte has a Yeti problem.
Charlotte has a Yeti problem.

I wouldn't classify it as a problem - but one has definitely taken residence in the area. Apparently, it is quite friendly, contrary to urban legend.

:beer: R
I moved to Charlotte in 1988 to go to college and 7 years ago moved just across the border to Tega Cay, SC for lower taxes and better schools. While Charlotte has its problems, there are a lot of nice people here and most are welcoming of people new to the area as there are very few native Charlotteans given the city's dramatic growth the last 40 years.

Al failed to mention the mountains are only a short drive away (you can be in Boone in < 2 hours) and the beach isn't much further (you can be in Myrtle Beach in 3.5 hrs).

In what part of town are your company's offices? Charlotte's traffic can be relatively bad at certain times of the day and some parts of town are better than others. I'd suggest renting something close to work so long as your work is in a better part of town. If it isn't, I'd find something near where you'd likley spend your free time, but where you'd be going against traffic during rush hours. That is what I did and I still have my landlord's contact info I'd be happy to pass along. She has several units in an area called Dilworth not far from SouthEnd, Uptown and Midtown.

Best wishes for the promotion.
Yeah we have some medium sized hills to the west of us also. ;)
Yeah we have some medium sized hills to the west of us also. ;)

That is the truth. :D

Everybody summed it up nicely...Charlotte is a great place to live with lots of stuff to keep you busy.

City scene, trails close by, can hit the beach or the lake. We even have a Whitewater Rafting Center!

You will be in good hands here. Just let us know what we can do to help.

Nice 80 btw!

Hey guys, thanks for the kind words and offers to help me find a place in charlotte. As of right now, I'm kind of in a holding pattern as far as the potential new job goes. Probably won't know anythng about it for a bit. Looks like if I move out there though, my company is going to provide me with an apartment for the first 6 months I'm out there as part of the compensation for moving. That's not set in stone, and I wouldn't have any say-so in the location of the apartment, butthat would make moving a whole lot less stressful, and hey, who can argue with a free place to stay for 6 months???? Anyway, thanks again for the offers to help, if I hear anything on the job, I'll post up. Sounds like it is a pretty nice place to call home. Have a good one!
It's always kind of tough to move to a new city if you don't know the culture, the weather, the traffic, the traffic, the crime and so on. I hope it works out for you I believe in Civic engagement. I used to live in Canada and I love its culture a. Human rights are excellence. Healthcarecost is next to nothing with some problematic wait.. Mass shootings almost don't even exist. I hope it works out for you
We have big tracks and Corn too! I’ve been in Charlotte since I was 23, 37 now. It’s been a great place to live. It’s got a little bit of everything, except good pizza
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