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Jan 29, 2019
my MFD was working perfectly (2005 LX470) until I hooked up a trailer brake controller. Now my back up camera,, NAV and Grom Vline are not working. When I start the vehicle the navigation welcome message does not display. When I put the car in reverse the MFD screen is just black. When I hit the map, destination button on the side of the MFD they don't beep. I have removed the brake controller, checked the fuses, I ran the system diagnosis and the nav shows okay. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
I think many, many details are needed as to how you hooked up your TBC are needed before anyone takes an honest stab at this one
Sorry I forgot to mention.. I used the factory female plug under the steering column. I purchased the make trailer brake wiring harness and plugged it in. I did not cut any wires it was plug and play.
You followed this and correctly identified the leads coming out of the new male harness (82132-0C010) using a DMM?

Try disconnecting Vline- leave disconnected and then key on and see what happens.

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