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Apr 15, 2003
Ireland; USA (WA,CO, CA, CT), Scotland, London
Allow the members list to be broken down per state or smaller region so u can see at a glance where each person is. then it could be breakdown by city.

Very hard to see who's in what state for the USA

the map program is built into the forum software...I'll check and see if there is an option to breakout further, but I'm not aware of anything.
Aren't you a php prodigy yet ? hehee ::)
It would be nice to be able to see who else lives close by. If not the map, then maybe a sort function for the list
that's been brought up....however, many many many people like some semblence of privacy on the net...and deliberately don't list emails or home addresses.

Your BEST method of meeting locals would be in the event corner, perhaps posting up your location and looking for those nearby. Perhaps plan a Sun afternoon gathering for burgers and casuals. (I'm biased to Hooters personally.....)
Thanks woody, I wasn't thinking addresses. More like State. I'm just curious how many other cruiser heads are in Colorado. There are four cruiser shops in the state that I am aware of, just don't see hardly any on the road.

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