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May 11, 2005
My truck has been getting horrible gas mileage. no big suprise there.
I have noticeing a gassy smell around my truck. I thought it may be a gas leak, but nothing found. I replaced the fuel sock in my tank when I was checking for the leak.
anyway, I was thinking it may be that my truck is running rich. When I bought it 5 months ago, I gave it a tune up, replacing everything except my O2 sensor. could a faulty O2 sensor be making it run rich?
and if I were to replace the sensor, should I/ can I reset the computer?
If not the O2 sensor, is there anything else that might cause the truck to run rich?

Oct 12, 2005
Flatwater, NC
Wow, poor fuel mpg could be caused by something as simple as timing, clogged air filter, tires (underinflated, and/or are your 32" tire are not calibrated w/ speedo/which was calibrated to original tires - have seen this make a 2 mpg difference when calculating mpg), or even a fuel leak if you are smelling the fuel. The smell could be from your charcoal cannister/eec system. Check cannister and all hoses for damage.

A little more complicated could be a bad EGR or clogged PCV Valve which can affect economy. Clogged exhaust maybe? And yes a bad O2 sensor can affect your economy since it is not sending correct voltage info to vacuum advance and other emmision controls. Have you set any codes in the ECM?

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