May 1st to 3rd

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Jan 13, 2007
In the garage.
Who all is going to be @ the Badlands May 1,2, & 3?
I am & Johnny is.
Anyone going early Friday? Or is everyone going Friday after work? I probably can't get there until evening.
Just checking.
See you all there
If Johnny's going to be there with his rig we won't make it.:flipoff2:

One of these days we might get to see this unicorn of a 40.
Unfortuneately we can't make that run.
In, but not early friday. sometime before sundown.
Planning to go. Don't know which day yet. I need to borrow Phils trailer:flipoff2:
I'm in, also not sure of my time frame yet....would love to camp at least one night.
Cool. Sounds like we'll have a good group. See yall Friday
If someone has an open seat I'm in. The rig is not ready but I need some trail time, its been over a year.

Are you guys camping at Summer Campground?

Anyone still planning on camping friday even though the forecast is calling for rain? If its raining on friday more than likely Ill be coming down saturday morning
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I haven't chimed in yet, but I was playing it by ear based on the weather. My 40 is still down due to the new cage not being done, but I was planning on riding bitch with someone. I am hoping to solidify the HCUA plans with everyone who attends this weekend.

I'm affraid I'm out for this one. Last minute shake up in family plans for the weekend.
30 percent chance of rain on Friday and 40 percent on Sat/Sun. So who is planning to stay Sat. night?
I'm in for Saturday without issue! Todd's magic bin of parts produced a driveshaft just my size! My d-shaft guy would have to order the tube so a call to Todd got me done.

I'll be running topless with an open passenger seat if anyone wants in on my 40's virgin run.

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