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Aug 27, 2005
Man A fre V8 cross flow radiator, keeping it cool....

If there are threads about this already, I apologize... please bare with me on this......

I just purchased my cruiser last month and am getting ready to replace the radiator. Currently it has a SB350, no shroud and a 4 core radiator that looks to be at the end of its life span. I want to set up my new cooling system correctly the first time and dont have a problem spending some extra cash on a great radiator. I had a '73 five years ago and purchased a 4 core CCOT radiator and ran a black magic fan. I would run at 180 on the trail all day long but pulling grades and freeway driving I could easily hit 230 degrees! I was stuck with a new fan/radiator that could not completely do the job. I am trying to do as much research as possible to avoid having this happen again.

Has anyone installed a cross flow man a fre v8 radiator? They have a hefty price tag of $539 (probably $600 with shipping and tax) but claim to easily cool a v8 with a good shroud. I currently run at about 190-200 degrees around town on a 90 degree day. I was told SB350's overheating range is anything over 240 degrees? I think I will have some problems on the freeway at higher RPMs or pulling grades.

Next, would you guys recommend staying with a mechanical fan and a good shroud or going to a black magic electric? My current fan is about 3-4" away from the radiator itself, it looks like it has been well placed and is plenty close the radiator.

Are there any fan shrouds out there that bolt onto a cruiser radiator bracket, or require little modification. I was told a Jeep Wrangler '89 shroud will bolt onto a cruiser bracket with little or no modification, anyone tried this?

Lastly if anyone has any combinations they are currrently running with a SB350 that are working great on/off road, highway speeds, pulling grades please let me know. I dont want to get stuck a radiator that will not do the job.

Thanks again...
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Oct 31, 2003
If you search for "radiator" and "overheating" you will find many opinions on the subject. There are many variables that you can consider. How much you want to fabricate or spend will likely dictate the route you take.

FWIW I am trying the oversized aluminum radiator, MKVIII fan (built in shroud), and high volume H20 pump.... Don't have it running yet to know if it works though.
Mar 23, 2005
I run the MAF aluminum crossflow that you are talking about . It works great and at times it is hard to get above 170 dgrees. It did get up to about 230 just once when I was spinning trying to get up a steep loose hill. otherwise it is pretty consistent between 180 and 200. It uses a Ron Francis racing aluminum two core the best thing about it is the mounting system it comes with It is rock solid and well engineered . I run a 383 .60 over sbc with a mechanical fan and spacer no shroud. I have been thinking that I would fab up a shroud for added low speed cooling. Overall the system works great and installs clean but for the money I think next time i will just copy the mounting setup and buy a similarly sized generic (summit) aluminum radiator. I think the MAF setup can be duplicated for about half to a third of their price. I just went with them to speed up the process.
Sep 2, 2004
i run a griffin aluminium radiator, potmetal shroud (air duct) bent and pop-riveted around the rad.... SBC 350 stock water pump, 180 thermostat..... stays around 180-190.. 200 or so up hills on the highway +70 MPH..... less than 180 on the trails.. stock GM fan.. HTH...
May 1, 2005
West Palm Beach, Florida
I also run an aluminum crossflow with my SBC. Nothin' fancy, just the generic Summit $175 radiator. Run a flex fan with an auxiliary electric on the front side of the rad.

I tried everything but nothing would keep my truck cool until I installed the aluminum radiator. lso uning a 185* t-stat.

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