major problem!!!

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Feb 1, 2011
Mesa, AZ
I've got a 90 4runner 4x4 and my right upper 4link bar bar bracket cracked off the axle! This is the second time it has happened. I had a buddy put a big weld on it and it broke off again. Why is this happening? I can post a pic if needed. Do I need a new axle housing?
Not wheeling it too hard. I hit whoops at like 40 but that's the hardest I push it. Other than that just small hill climbs and rocks. Nothing major
Nope its an AZ truck. I'm so confused
Haha ya that's what I figured
Ive heard of this happening but usually on lifted wheeled trucks. Yours isnt lifted is it? maybe check your other bars make sure none of them are bent, putting extra stress on the one that keeps breaking.....OR time for a REAL 4link or leafs :flipoff2:
I've had this happen to me as well, coincidentally on a '90 4Runner, it was about 10 years ago on the Moab Rim trail.


Truck wasn't really lifted, the only change we had made was swapping out the rear stock sagged springs for Downey HD springs. But the truck was really loaded up, I was driving the support vehicle for a bunch of friends doing the trail on their mountain bikes. Had to "bump" it up a ledge that was about 12" high, no big deal, but shortly after that I started hearing a bad clanking from the back. Kinda freaked out when I found it, as we were really out in the middle of nowhere. But I tied it down with a ratchet strap and limped back to town. Next day I found a welder, the guy told me he has seen this happen lots of times on Heep TJs, he quickly welded it back on but told me I should get it gusseted.

It could be that it wasn't properly prepped the first time it was fixed, maybe he didn't grind off the old paint and rust?

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