made the step up to 35's today

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Dec 30, 2005
got fired up and wanted to post up some pics. all i need now is some sliders, a front and rear bumper, a winch, re-gear to 4.88's, and on, and on...(after i win the lottery!)
big-time thank you to ThaiCruiser for the new (to me) tires.
35 MT 004-jpg mud.jpg
35 MT 005-mud.jpg
35 MT 008-mud.jpg
Again...welcome to the club. You chose wisely.

I want a full rub report when you get done with some wheeling.

Those tires look great, btw :grinpimp:
Wow guys, those all look bad ass. After all the PM, lift, and sliders I'd like to do the same.

Looks super, John. I knew you wouldn't be disappointed. I'm glad that a fellow mudder got them.

I still have stock suspension and I had a chance to drive on FOR's lift for a couple days. Man it was really nice. I'll definitely be going that route in a year or less. It'll be that long since I already have an OME sitting in my living room.

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