M3TAL D0RK's eXo cage build up...

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Oct 25, 2005
a few pics to get it going
before sm.JPG
front hoop sm.JPG
front supp.JPG
thanks. i had a pretty good idea of how i wanted it to look before we started, but its changed a few times. . . any question/comments welcome.
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What tubing are you using is it dom or hrew and what diameter and thickness.Buy the way it looks good more pics please.
We don't have the cab finished yet.. I just wanted to show progress as we build. We decided the start with the front bumper. The winch plate from Trail Gear that I purchased through Worldwide Off Road provided a great starting point or base. We first bent the bar that mounts right above the plate and then did the lower supports and the front hoop.
Then we decided to try and bend the piece that comes off the side of the front hoop and runs across the top of the grill, down the hood, up the 'a' pillar and across the cab... In one piece. That was an adventure LOL. I recommend doing one or two bends at a time. It worked out good though, we had to sleeve it in one place but it turned out nice.
We also bent the Main hoop that goes across the back of the cab before this also. That was all one piece too. It actually worked out pretty good. Right now we are working on finishing up the "hood" section and then we will start on the cab and finish up the rear. I won't be down to the shop till Sunday but I'll post pics when we get more progress going. I'll let you know what type we used also. I just want to make sure what it is before I tell you wrong. We spent quite a bit of time debating size and type. So, ya I'll let ya know.
Didn't do any bending today, but Full_M3tal did get his running today again. Sweet!! So I just did what I could; trimmed the back section of the fenders, (sorry no pics yet of that) and then some painting... Had my little helper there for a bit today as well.
primed sm.JPG
painted sm.JPG
lil helper sm.JPG
Thanks Full_M3tal. Couldn't remember the wall size. What was Screwbuddy's build out of? (Version 1)

2" Iron Pipe Was The First One, 2" DOM And HREW On The Second One.

I Think 1 3/4" Is Now What There Going To Use From Now On Just Because Its A Pain To Bend 2" In The Bender.
thanks. finished the other side today, and got it all sprayed. thats probably all we'll be able to get done before the moab trip. the most important parts are done for now. ll post some pics this weekend.
Thanks man, my rig is getting exo'ed soon so I am happy to see ideas...

on bit of advice...look into getting the cage flanges so you can take it off in sections when you want. I'm going to have to have mine cut off and flanged on now so i can get in and fix some body damage and paint it.

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