M101 SOA pros and cons

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Nov 17, 2006
I have an M101 that i'm considering doing a SOA on...I'm putting a folding rack on the deck to support a 7 X 9 tent, right now it tracks nicely behind my 40, has anyone had issues after the SOA of the trailer handling poorly? I'm concerned about the centre of gravity being already affected by the tent, being compounded by the SOA. The big plus of the SOA is the levelling of the trailer when it is hooked up, which when the tent is deployed, makes it a much more stable platform...
curious to see where this goes as i too have an m101, i did the spring over but dont have enough trail time to know its true effects, its also empty with no tent on it yet (hope to get it on soon)
These trailers are so tough and versatile that I don't know if the spring-over is necessary. No matter what you do to it, you are still towing a trailer and will be somewhat limited on where you can go.

Well, not as spectacular as LX450landcruiser's pic, but....

Man I can't wait to get my M101 rolling! :steer:
I was going to say that is a awesome pic, but there is a J**P in it.

They were going to have a photo of a Toyota as well, but it cost to much to airlift one in and out, for just a picture ;)

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