LX450 Factory Amp Specs?

Apr 8, 2011
Okay folks, time to upgrade the sound in my '96 LX! The buzzing noises from my blown factory speakers and sub woofer have finally gotten to me so I'm pulling the trigger. I've picked out a new head unit and speakers but I'm trying to find the specs on the factory amp. Anyone have them?

From what I've seen on the boards here, it seems like most replace or bypass the factory amp. So I'm guessing that it's underpowered and useless for aftermarket speakers. I played around with the options at Crutchfield and saw the wiring options for using the factory amp or bypassing it, but curiously they didn't have any prompts when I added a new amp to the cart (like "If you're replacing your factory amp, you will need this wiring harness and diagram"). So I'm trying to figure out if I'll have what I need before ordering.

Anyone with experience and more knowledge of that LX450 factory amp's specs, speak up or else I'll just yank it and see what happens.:cheers:

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