eBay Lv Parts on Ebay $1.00 nr

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May 25, 2010
Glasgow KY
United States
I put a ton of stuff on eBay just now. $1.00 no reserve. Lv lights, Emblem
Mirror and more. Also some 45 hinges and other cool stuff. Check it out. Don’t let shipping scare you. I will charge real shipping prices once I combine your order.

Toyota Land Cruiser NR Landcruiser Fj45lv Emblem Super Hard To Find Rare Toyota Land Cruiser NR Landcruiser Fj45lv Emblem Super Hard To Find Rare | eBay
Lv and 45 Parts mixed in with this batch.
I just added 80 more items. Let’s get through this batch and I will do some more later.
No offense , but , if someone wants a few small pieces , 18.95 for shipping I will look elsewhere. You have the same cost for shipping whether it is a heavy fairlead or a small set of rubber pieces. I am just suggesting a more reasonable shipping cost for smaller items that should be under 10.00. Thanks for listing them and do not be offended please.
I am not offended and if you take the time to read in my ad it clearly states: buy more than one item and I will charge actual shipping and handling. I am not going to box this stuff up now and put prices on each item for shipping. Main reason is people will buy more than one item and want me to combine shipping. I planned for this. The 18.95 (generic) shipping cost is because I had to put a price there. Example: if you win a set of hinges and a distributor, shipping would be calculated and probably come out to something like $11.82 total and not $18.95x2.
Thanks for the reply. I did read the post and understood the idea of combined shipping. I was just a bit scared to go through e-bay and pay 18.95 to ship a distributer cap, a single item , not combining. Now that I know you will ship a small, light item at a reasonable cost I will not avoid the parts. I use ebay a lot and there is a "calculate" for a buyer to use for each item and you can also combine shipping costs with multiple items to help the customer. Since I frequent mud I know this now but to buyers who are not on mud and go to ebay, they may steer clear if they believe a small , single item will cost so high. Thanks for clarifying and I appreciate the response.
It sold and buyer never responded. Anyone in San Francisco want to know the dead beat bidder pm me. I don’t mind him not buying it but to not respond just pisses me off. A simple “my wife won’t let me have it” would be fine. I still have it and all the Lv goodies. I deleted the goodies when the Lv buyer never responded.
I don’t. It is listed on the 45 for sale section with a few pics.

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