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Mar 5, 2008
Asheville, NC
I am looking for a trailer that I can throw the camping gear in and haul a couple of canoes. Canoes will be anywhere from 12' to 17'. Any suggestions? Needs to be fairly rugged as some put in points are at the end of some pretty bad roads.


I agree, a roof rack may be the better option. To make the trailer work well off road, it would need to be a pretty tall trailer... and long.

However, a m416 military or similar with a rack over it may get you close, but it would still be long.

Rezarf <><
I like the idea of the m416/101. My thoughts are to make the tongue extendable for the long boats. If I could just find one that fits my teachers budget.
Any way the canoes could ride up top on the tow vehicle? then any decent off road trailer could haul everything else.
Well the vehicle is a Jeep (don't shoot me) and the roof racks are a pain from what I understand.
canoes are easy to load on just about anything, as long as the roof is a couple inches wider than the gunnels of both canoes. Check out the foam kits that sit directly on your roof; still way easier than stretching a trailer to haul 16' of boat, and the inevitable yahoo who doesn't see the flagging on rear half of canoe...
I agree that a long trailer is bad news for bad roads.... but you might consider modifying a steel utility trailer with a square 2 inch receiver on the tongue. Then fabricate a long extendable tongue that can be pulled out for long loads and retracted for "normal" use. When picking out a trailer, you have to make sure the under-bed structure has clearance for the retracted tongue.

It will still be a PITA over water bars and drop offs..... but it might be doable.

Yeah, steel roof racks suck offroad... but I would still put a rack on the Jeep for a couple of canoes... they are out there. BTW, are you talking about a Wrangler or some other Jeep?

1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler - Bestop Rear Roof Rack - Steel

Here''s my extendable tongue - it extends 30 inches, and I remove it completely for winter storage to shorten the overall length of the trailer:


John Davies
Spokane WA
Its a wrangler. Im still trying to figure out how to get the boats around thanks for the input and info.


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