Lucas additives?

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Oct 22, 2004
Clemson, SC
Has anyone out there used them or currently use them.....we just replaced the tranny and tcase and I believe I have a very very minor leak coming from the split tcase, so I was wondering if I put in the lucas trannsmission leak additive it would seal it up. Or it would find where it was coming from and seal it up.....I was also thinkin about running a bottle thru the oil change and one thru the gas tank to just help clean her out a little. Any insight is appreciated.

Thanks, Chuck
I've used the Lucas Oil Additive plenty before, but never any of the seal softeners/sealants. Always done what promised.
The leak is where the large part of the case meets up with the flat part of the case....very minor, seems like it's more weeping thud the gasket than an actual leak. Now the oil one is my oil pan gasket so until I get a lil time to change it out I am wanting to see if I can seal it up some.....Carp what have you used and what results did you get?
If its oily it aint rusting!
I used the oil additives, kinda like STP, and it reduced start-up knock, like advertised. Not certain if it reduced engine wear, as I never tore the engine down. It even helped reduce some wrist pin slap in my old 22r

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