LSVP question

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Mar 15, 2005
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LSPV question

I'm getting ready for a trip from MS to NM and going through a few maintenance procedures before hand. My brakes system all checks out but I've never done anything to the Load Sensor Proportioning Valve. What does it do? Is there some maintenance I should perform on it or can I just let it be?

thanks for all the help past, present and future. This forum is quite indespensible to me.
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It lessens brake pressure to the rear brakes during low rear load situations to prevent rear wheel lockup. Nothing to do unless you've added significant lift.

When was the last time you used your parking brake?
From what I've read, the parking brake 'self adjusts' the rear brakes. My 62 brakes are all messed up and I think the parking brake adjustment system is the culprit.
Since 60's don't have these my exposure to them is limited to my Mini truck. A thing to note is that, at least the Mini's, has a bleeder on it. It is in the FRONT brake circuit.
If doing the annual to bi-annual brake system flush it might be important to know about this.
last time I parked. significance?

Parking (E-brake) adjusts the rear drums. Rear drums mal-adjusted = lousy stopping, squishy pedal.

Proportioning Valve in FJ60's is under the MC -- no maintenance, except bi-annual brake fluid flushing, as noted above.
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LOL.... we were just talking about this in another thread... do not confuse the proportioning valve at the brake booster with the Load Sensing Proportioning Valve under the tail end. Two different animals.

'60s do not have an LSPV.


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