Lower rear hatch/gate locks all doors when opened!! Keeps locking me out!

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Aug 31, 2015
So twice now with the car running I opened the rear hatch and then the lower gate. Got what I needed and closed it all up and bam....locked out of the truck.

Now when I open the lower hatch the auto lock mechanism cycles a few times and sometimes ends locked and sometimes unlocked?

I have to make sure I put the window down a little or leave the door open to not get locked out.

If you need an expert in using a coat hanger to get into your vehicle let me know...I'm getting pretty good at it. I seem to work better under pressure when the truck is running.

I think it's a ECU setting to auto-lock. My truck will do the same thing if all the doors are closed and I unlock to open the rear hatch, when I close it, it auto locks. I have to leave a door open to keep it from cycling. I've locked my keys in the truck before as well- thankfully I was home so I could use the spare set.
It could be a mechanism/latch issue. I would check all functions to see if anything is sticking, the key lock, interior lock, interior handle even lock it with the remote whilst someone is in the back. My thought is it only does a half ass effort to unlock, then when you open the tailgate it sets back to lock, so when you shut it the control locking activates. Remove the covers and lubricate and watch the linkages, see if any look as if they resist when you go through the functions. Does the interior lights come on with the tailgate opening, all doors in Fact?
Thanks for the comments. Nothing appears to be sticking and it unlocks and locks normally just as it always has. As soon as your raise the top gate you can here the lock cycling on and off as if I was using the door lock switch or remote. The only thing different is I replaced the battery in the remote and I don't remember it happening until after that was done. It has not done it until the last 6 months and I have owned it for 3 years. I'm guessing as others have that it is the ECU or a short somewhere. I will check it out some more as soon as it is not -6 degrees wind chill in MEMPHIS!
Good idea...I will definitely try that. The remote could be sending something. It is almost 14 years old.

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