Low Oil Presurre

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Apr 23, 2004
Central Florida
Anybody got any idea as to why my 2F would run low oil pressure, other than a bad oil pump. The gauge is good, that's been tested. It only runs about a quater of the way up.

How many miles, Could just be worn but as long as their is no noise you are ok, I it has been cold where you are and your oil is to thick you will have a lower pressure.And if your idle is low this will cause the oil pressure and probably your volt meter to be lower too. Or the sending unit could be going bad. Just some ideas mabey one or a few of these could be the problem. Good luck

The problem is, you don't know the pressure is low. The quickest and easiest thing to do, assuming you don't have a test guage, is to just put in a new sender. If the pressure is normal, you're done. If not, you need a real guage and test the pressure. If it's within spec, then forget about it. It should be roughly above 40psi at 2500 rpm and above 10 at idle. Most run higher, but that's about the minimum acceptable.

On my FJ40 I had to replace the guage and the sender to make it read correctly.

One other thing-if the pressure is below minimum spec, you are on borrowed time with the motor, and it probably isn't the oil pump.
Low Oil Pressure

She only has 174K on her the engine runs nice and smothe now that it's been desmoged and that the valves have been adjusted. I pulled the pressure valve on the oil cooler and it was not clogged all seemed good in there. Tonight i'll tackle the oil pressure switch and possibly the oil pump.

Thanks for the input guys.

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