Low Oil Level Switch Question


Aug 21, 2012
Northern Nevada
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Does any one know how the heck these oil level switches are supposed to work?

When I swapped in a 1HZ, I wanted to retain all the idiot lights, including the low oil level switch.

The problem I had/have was at the light always stayed illuminated so I unplugged the connector to the old switch thinking it was faulty. Late last year, I bought a replacement switch from Toyota ;not cheap) and it exhibits the same fault - my dash light stays lit when the ignition is on. I checked my wiring and found no shorts in the light circuit.
Since I was changing the oil today, I pulled the switch out of the oil pan and took a look at it.
This is a near new replacement part and I can’t seem to figure out how it’s supposed to work.

The factory manual indicates that this is a simple ground trigger; at least from what I can tell from the circuit flow diagram. That being the case, I would think that when the float on the switch drops to a certain point it should close the circuit but that’s not what I get with my voltmeter. In fact, I get 0 ohms between both connector pins the time regardless of the float position. Can anyone describe to me how these kinds of switches are designed to work?

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