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Aug 30, 2015
Southern USA
Let me start by saying I bridge the gap in love for both Jeep Cherokees/Comanches and Toyota pickup/forerunner.

I own 2 Cherokees. An 89 (I just got) with 78,000 miles and a 94 with 270,000.

My paw paw has an 89 toyota pickup with 240,000 which runs and drives but is parked behind his house and hasn't been used for 2 years. I'm trying to talk him into letting me use it :).
My cousin owns a 95 with 250,000.

I really want an 80's toyota pick up or 4 runner to go along with my Cherokees.

But having been around both and I know a lot of people who will take one side BUT all I will say is they both are tough as nails. I really think they both are just as reliable as each other. When I think of either I think "rugged yet durable"

They both last forever and both are great for off-roading (I don't off-road. Just go fishing).
They both make fairly reliable daily drivers even if they only get around 20 mpg.

The main reason is up above. They last as a daily drivers and don't just try to break them but I'll pick two more reasons I love them. I love the cherokee for the 4.0 and the fact it looks classic I could see it being driven in the 60's or WW2.

I love the toyota for the bed/removable top and for the way it sits straight stock (no lift)

There seems to be a cult following these two vehicles, at least where I live. I love them both equally. I spread the jeep love and toyota love.

Now my question. Can an 87-88 toyota pickup grill go on an 89 pickup?

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