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Mar 6, 2005
Mauldin, SC
I started this business from nothing into a name recognized in most Land Cruiser circles. I've got it to a point where I need to add to my current crew. Considering I'm posting on Mud I would assume most of the people that are looking here are Cruiserheads so that is always a plus in my book. We are a specialized shop as we do anything as long as it's on a Land Cruiser built from 1958-2023. We do full frame off restorations, modifications and general maintenance. Usually there are anywhere for 30-40 cruisers in rotation.

The Jobs are 8-5 Monday-Friday
I pay straight hours and not book hours and pay is based on experience, which for a tech ranges for $21-35 an hour starting. Shop Manager position pay is negotiable.
There is holiday pay
Must provide your own tools but I have no need for a giant box. Most everything is metric. (Most) I have the majority of the SST's needed.

My 5-10 year goal is to get the company in a position where the employees can take over ownership. We have some great people right now. I've also just purchased the land beside our current shop and will be breaking ground on our new 8000 sqft shop next year.

If your interested please email me at m@trollhole.com or just come by the shop and we can go from there. Thank you.
Feb 8, 2008
Mt. Pleasant, SC
That will be nice to have a bigger shop. Congrats.
If only I were closer....

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