Looking for recommendations for suspension lifts….

Jun 7, 2016
I went with 2" skyjacker springs and bushings. Nice and soft, good shackle angles. For shocks I used Bilstein's up front and nice soft KYB's from a T100 (were stamped "made in Japan") in the back since there is nothing going on back there.

Dont get Rough Country, the shackle angles were short and the ride lives up to its name.
Apr 2, 2008
Victoria, BC
A word of caution: if your 40 is garage kept and has a hardtop, check to make sure that your lifted truck will have adequate clearance under the door.

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I had a door that opened to below the header. I adjusted the electric door opener to pull it a few more inches to match the header height. There is also different hardware to raise the door more if needed. Door installation companies have all sorts of tricks to maximize door opening height. Raising the header is a job for a carpenter though… if at all possible.

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