Local Source for Gas Tanks?

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May 22, 2006
NW Valley
Just found out the gas tank in my '78 FJ55 is too gunked up to be boiled out and repaired (according to the radiator shop). The only compatible years are 9/76 - 7/80. I'll ask the unobtanium question: Anyone have a line on a good tank for me? After the laughter stops, the second question is: Are there any other options? Build a tank? Find one with similar dimensions out of a junker? Are there universal tanks that can be fitted?

This is the last hurdle I need to pass to get my Piggy running. (Already posted in the 55 section)

If its the same as a 75 FJ40 I have a new poly tank I'll sell. You can look and see if its the same. I'm near PV Mall.

Thanks for the offer Dave but the 55's and 40's are very different. I wish they made a poly for the 55's.
I was able to get a NOS tank for my '40 from Camelback Toyota. Nothing beats OEM and I wouldn't touch Poly with a 32 and a half foot pole...
Youch, just checked SOR: $320 for a used one, and thats before shipping :eek:
What is the problem with your tank? Some radiator shops don't like messing with them and will condemn usable tanks rather than mess with them. Cleaning, coating, lining them isn't that hard of a DYI job, there are some good threads on the subject in the 40 forum.
Yes but SOR for all their goodness is mighty spendy. Try a dealer. Really. Especially on the older stuff, they had to order my tank from the LA warehouse but 2 days later I had a spankin' new tank under the copilot seat.:grinpimp:

And they might make a deal on the tank, sometimes NOS is negotiable on price. Ask for the parts manager.
Power Toyota's service manager (his name's in my truck - I'll update with his name later today) told me he'd give CSC members a 20% discount on parts and labor . Of course, sometimes thier parts dept personnel are not the most knowledgable...

Not if you give them the current part number. :D Of course some counter people don't like that. Oh well. :rolleyes:
What about cruiserdan in Albatukey? I've heard lots of good stuff about his parts dept.
The name of the Service Manager I spoke with at Power Toyota (Tempe) is Scott Hugget. He said Don (Puulboy/Dr. Door) had been in buying parts and he saw our sticker on his truck. I spoke to him and he saw my CSC sticker and said they wanted to offer a 20/20 parts labor discount for anyone in CSC. So, FWIW give 'em a call...

I second CruiserDan - I got a new OEM tank shipped to me for $177.

Of course it was for a '74 FJ-40 - but I thought that was the value i ever got on an OEM part.

Works great - lasts a long time.

Good Luck
Thanks for the idea Rocky but I called CDan today and he said they're discontinued. In fact almost all FJ55 specific parts have gone F-code in the Toyota system = No longer available.
That's interesting to note. I like those FJ-55's and was interested in one I saw on the Tucson Craig's list, but the owner wasn't really motivated to sell it, and if now if part are all special order.....

While it would be a "labor of love" - to could also get VERY expensive.....

Good Luck

I have another 55 that I'm very interested in parting with but it won't ever be a show truck. Great trail rig but no show truck. The price is right too. Parts are available, just not new ones. Now, the 40 and 55's use the basically the same drive train parts. All of those are still available.
Youch, just checked SOR: $320 for a used one, and thats before shipping :eek:

Just got something in the mail from them about a sale in May. 20% off for members.
I had a new 37 gallon tank made for my 72FJ55 a few years back. Probably about 8 years ago actually. The place was in Phoenix, across from 4 wheeler supply. I think it was called "Dave's Tank" I paid about 400 bucks, and that included installation of the new tank. They made it to the size I wanted. It was not compatible with the spare tire carrier. But it was great to have a 37 gallon tank.

Thanks Jared. I'll check into that. Sounds like the perfect size for 55 tank.

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