Little oops removing 1hz IP - did I cause an issue?

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Nov 1, 2004
In the process of pulling the IP from my 1hz to send off for rebuild I did an oops and would appreciate thoughts on whether it I could have caused any issues.

The oops was in removing the main nut off the IP shaft to release the IP timing belt gear before pushing the IP out rearward - I did not remove the four bolts that hold the belt gear to the drive gear before hitting the main shaft nut with an impact to back it off. I didn't realize that the outer backing plate/bracket deal (which is held on with the four bolts) is "above" or "outside" of the flange on the main nut and thus would prevent the nut from coming off without he plate being removed. So when I hit the nut with the impact it slowly loosened and stared backing off but then started to slow down like it was getting tight. I realized something was wrong and stopped after maybe a turn or two, then removed the four bolts and the main shaft nut came off by hand (and the pulley and two plate/brackets on either side of the pulley slid off). So I believe the initial loosening of the main nut was it releasing tension against the belt gear itself and then the slow doww/tightening as I continued to turn it in reverse was the flange of the nut pulling outward against the outer plate/bracket (which was still bolted to the drive gear.

During this the two nuts and one bolt that secure the IP from the rear were in place, but at least cracked loose so it would not have been able to move. After the gear/brackets were off and then removing the two nuts and one bolt on the IP, it came right out.

So my question is if and where I could have caused an issue... I see no damage or deformation in the pump shaft/threads/key/keyway, the backing plate/brackets, belt gear. Only thing I question is that the IP pump drive gear (where the timing belt gear bolts to it) is protruding beyond the face of the timing gear cover/seal and has roughly 1/4"-1/3" play forward and backward. Is this normal?

Pump will leave today for rebuilder so they will confirm what's what with the pump.

Appreciate your thoughts on the situation...
there should be no problems, when I have to remove pumps from these engines I don't usually remove the timing belt gear on the IP (unless the job required timing belt / seal replacement)

If the pulley and its timing belt 'guide' plates are fine nothing to worry about
interesting @blinkerfluid , so to just pull IP and do nothing else you remove the timing belt cover and loosen the main IP shaft nut (plus the two nuts and one bolt holding the IP on from the rear) and pull out the IP? Then the main shaft nut remains in place, loose but "retained" between the outer/forward "plate" and the timing belt pulley?
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