List of CEL codes? (1 Viewer)

Nov 3, 2004
Frankfort, Kentucky
Searching for a list of CEL codes. Unfortunately the search won't let you search on short "words" like 12 or 71.

I know the code 71 is for the EGR and that is one I am getting. I can find threads on this one. Have to weed through the code threads as again, search won't let you search on 71.

I am also getting a code 12 with the paper clip method in my 94 80.

I am getting a low idle like the ECU is not sending it any info. I was thinking ECU because the cable from the control that sits on the passenger inner fender has slack to it. Like it is not doing anything to compensate at all. No change in idle from start, straight to about 450 RPM and does not change warm or cold. I have another post on this but posted this in search of a code listing. I saw a code listing on here not long ago but for the life of me can not find it now. Any help on locating the list or info on what a code 12 is would be most helpful.



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