Lights: I'm in the dark here!

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Dec 4, 2002
An electrician I'm not. Once again,everything worked fine BEFORE the 8 month rebuild. But this time I changed something.
The front fender lights on my '78 FJ40 were removed and replaced with a Napa #1150-A bus light. Looks cool but doesn't go blinky,blinky ??? It's a one-element bulb. Someone mentioned it may work if I just changed to a 2-element bulb.
Secondly, my tail lights were replaced with the round Napa Stop/Tail lights. They don't brighten when brakes are applied and they also don't go blinky,blinky.
I replaced the headlights with Napa H-6054...THEY WORK!!!

Basically, all the lights come on when I pull the switch on but they don't get any blinking or brightening (braking) when brakes or turn signals are applied. ???
I had the same problem with my lights not brightening or going blinky, blinky as you say. With me it was just that I had the turn signal wires hooked up wrong and the rear tail lights, on one side the wires were backwards. Anyway, as I remember it was the difference in like one or two wires being switched then everything worked. Hope it helps.
Try a heavy duty flasher or check your connections via a voltmeter. I have generic tailights and never had a problem.

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