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Lets talk Benders and Dies: CLR

Feb 22, 2007
Germantown MD
I am getting ready to order a bender and I am looking at what die I will get with it.

As much as I would like to have a handful of dies with different capacities and different CLRs, the cost makes this really difficult.

I want to pick up one die for now to do a front bumper just like the one from Bump it Offroad for my 80 and a set of sliders.


I have already chosen the size, now I need to chose the CLR.

I have never bent tube before so I wanted to get input from you guys. What would be the best CLR for general fabing of bumpers and sliders? Choices are 5", 6", and 7". Price difference is only $25 so money is not an issue in this choice.

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