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Mar 27, 2003
I'm putting together my 1fzfe, and I received this part in the box of fasteners from the machine shop. I'm having trouble figuring out where it goes :). Anyone recognize it?
How big of a part is that. Kind of hard to tell with nothing else in the picture.
It looks like one of the engine wiring harness retainers. there is a plastic collar looking thing that snaps on to the square end. It probably goes somewhere on the left side of the cylinder head.
Jeeze Dan -
Not even a guess as to it's part number ??? Never fear, our faith in you remains unshakeable (if I may speak for the group). BigMac
Big Mac - I think the delay in him providing the part number is that he was looking up the chrome version. :D
:flipoff2:82715-36170 (was 82711-60230) :flipoff2: (black only, chrome it at yer leisure)
OK. Thanks. I'll look for it on my tear down video :).

FYI the size is about a 50 cent piece.

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