Leather dye on 2016 4Runner steering wheel wearing off

Aug 18, 2016
Amarillo Texas
I bought my son a 2016 4Runner for graduation and am giving it to him in 2 weeks. The car is pristine except the black dye on the steering wheel has begun coming off. The car has 60K miles so it's out of warranty.

It's pretty frustrating that a steering wheel of all things is starting to ugly out on a 2 year old car.

Since the original dye on the steering wheel has faded a bit, I would say that the chances are slim to none that I am going to "patch" those worn places with black dye that doesn't in fact make the whole thing look even worse.

Do you guys have any suggestions? This is really the only defect on the car. Is there any chance at all Toyota might make it right?

Another idea is to just buy a replacement wheel. Is this a pretty easy installation for a reputable mechanic? Like an hour? More? less?
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