Leaking rear axle hub

Jul 20, 2006
Hello all.

I am getting a 75series back on the road. It has a fully floating rear axle. One side had oil seing oit of the hub housing. Upon removal i find the brakes covered in grease and the bearings covered in axle oil. I got a new seal kit and replaced them as i found them. Now I'm paranoid-before i refit them fecking cone washers- that the seals are not sitting right. What do you guys reckon? Have i not seated it right? I suspect I'be put the hub seal the wrong way round, does this matter?

I also noticed the drive shaft is circa 30mm diameter but the seal for it has 35mm opening? Its a non geniune part.


paul r

May 2, 2015
If i understand it correctly, the hub seal in the picture would ride on the spindle seal surface on the axle housing you could check to see if the spindle has any major grooves (common issue) on it and see if you can get the seal to ride on a non grooved surface. It will keep wheel bearing grease contained.

There is another seal that should also be replaced that actually seals against the axle shaft and is installed in the spindle possibly like this one: Spindle to Axle Shaft Seal - OEM Toyota - Fits 1/1979 - 1997 Full-Float 6x/7x/8x w/ Replacement Shaft & 1998+ Full-Float 7x/10x (RA36003) - https://cruiserteq.com/spindle-to-axle-shaft-seal-oem-toyota-fits-1-1979-1997-full-float-6x-7x-8x-w-replacement-shaft-1998-full-float-7x-10x-ra36003/

It is probably the more important seal since it should contain the differential oil in the housing.

I wouldn't fidget around with questionable seals. I would go with OEM if possible or at least a high quality Japanese seal like NOK.

You may also double check your dif breathers as a clogged breather can oftentimes cause the pressure changes that will force the oil past the seals leading to your original condition.
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