Leaking block heater

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Aug 8, 2003
Well, after playing musical chairs with the Subaru tires earlier this evening I thought my mechanical chores were over. Not so.

Drove the 80 down the street to pick up a desk from a buddy, and when we got back to the garage there was a fresh puddle of coolant on the floor. Bummer. Crawled under and found the block heater is leaking a bit. Coincidence that I used it yesterday for the first time this year? I recall being a bit conservative in tightening it 8 years ago when I installed it (brass screw), so I was able to just snug it up a bit and the leak stopped.

Then, I noticed its power cord has rotted and is beginning to show bare wire (near the exhaust manifold). Since I have a spare block heater and cord on the workbench for unknown reasons, I swapped out the cord as well. Everything's fine now except CDan's gonna have to put on his thinking cap and see if he can sell me just a replacement cord as I promised the block heater to Scott here on the list.

CDan: The cord is between 6 and 7 feet long, but 6 feet will do fine. What do you think? If you need a block heater P/N, I have the old box.

What sort of connector on the cord end? Seems like we could track down a new one and make a cord.
I have it under control :flipoff2:

He hehehehehehe. :cheers:
It's kind of a wild looking 3 pin design. Let's see what CDan comes up with as it's bound to also be an engineered rubber formulation that can take block heat, etc.

[quote author=IdahoDoug link=board=2;threadid=7321;start=msg61258#msg61258 date=1068492938] Let's see what CDan comes up with



Oh, ye of little faith :flipoff2:
Actually, it's 'Oh, he of GREAT faith'! I haven't lifted a finger in any other direction since I know from where you cometh.. 8)

[quote author=IdahoDoug link=board=2;threadid=7321;start=msg61304#msg61304 date=1068498704]
I haven't lifted a finger in any other direction since I know from where you cometh.. 8)
Probably the same reason you haven't asked me!
Well with a flurry of PMs today, CDan figured out that the one I have in my possession will not fit your 80, Scott. They're different diameter freeze plugs. So, I used the power cord in it in good conscience - heh. Now I can finally toss it in the trash after 10 years taking up space on 3 different workbenches. :'(

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