Leaf springs too short???

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Sep 17, 2003
Edmond, OK
I have a TPI 2.5" lift on my '72 FJ40. I've had it on for several years now. I have always noticed that it rides a bit rough sometimes and that the rear end really bangs when coming off a bump on the street.

Well, it seems that my rear shackles are pretty much straight up and down and the passenger side is actually pointing inward just a bit :rolleyes:

Well, I called Bob at TPI to inquire about this and after some talking he asked when I bought them and told me that they were the "first generation" of springs and they were all "short". The current generation of springs are about 2" longer!! WTF? :eek:

So, I kinda want to go 4" lift but am not ready to spend the ~$700. Without doing what Woody did and relocate the hangers, what can be done? Is there some way to engineer a shackle that will work better? Has anyone else had this problem?

It sounds to me that the solution is already in front of you! Bob has admitted fault with his product! See if he will send you some replacements. You could offer a few $$ for the wear you had with the current ones.
You could try the "prorate me some new springs" angle, can't hurt to try. Also longer shackles may help, but yours don't sound that outa whack to me. My 1 1/2" conferr's are straight up and down on 4" springs. One other thought, is to remove the bottom 1 or 2 leafs from the pack to soften the ride. They could just be heavy duty springs.
"If you don't ask, you don't get", but after several years, I'm not sure that you can expect a full replacement.

If you don't get, just relocate the rear spring hanger to get a better angle. It is an easy job. The other option is just live with it. The effective spring rate with the shackle vertical is about 40% greater than with it at 45 degrees.

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