Know of a good mechanic in Wilmington, North Carolina?

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Dec 20, 2014
Wilmington, NC
Does anyone know of a good mechanic in Wilmington, NC who knows these motors well and charges a reasonable price for their work?

Thanks guys!
I knew Big Red would know somewhere to go.

If it’s rough after a gone wash down, could be as simple as distributor humidity, or water ponded is elsewhere. But unscrewing the distributor cap and drying it all up could cure it.
@krzyabncanuck isn't too far from you and most likely the best cruiser mechanic in the state
Thanks Al.

I think the weather right now would not be condusive to drive over for till next week.
David or Justin @ Mobile Tech

David at First Quality Imports
I lived in Wilmington for about 10 years and always went to JS&J on the corner of Market and Eastwood. They are more Honda specialists but they can fix anything and are really honest and do good work. I bought my 80 down there 4 years ago and took it to them to have it once over'd before driving it back to Charlotte.

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