Know about converting GPS file formats for tracks, routes etc?

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Sep 20, 2003
my Garmin has a quirk. The active (and saved in memory) track files are csv. But the tracks that it saves automatically to the microSD card are gpx. Unfotunately, I can't transfer the latter back to main memory to be used for tracback with the unit itself. Even if I download them to a computer, they are in gpx format and can't be uploaded back to memory and used cuz they are gpx, not csv.

So, I'll need to convert them from gpx to the proper csv format.

I looked around and it seemed like Gpsbabel should be able to do that. But I bogged down in various versions of csv and I could not get the conversion to work back in my garmin nor in USAphotomaps.

Sooo, anybody uses GPSbabel? Is it any good? Are there better programs out there (freeware hopefully)? General advice on format conversion?
Go to there u can download free version of trackmaker which works great through datacable with ur garmin

I use it for navigational rallies
We use BABEL and TRACKMAKER with great success converting files from Lowrance to Garmin format, etc for the races.

Not the easiest thing in the world to figure out, but once ya do, it works wonders.

PM me any questions, if i am in good mood, i will reply :flipoff2:

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