Keyless entry fob for east port of entry 80 series

Nov 15, 2014
Hllsborough, NC
My key fob FINALLY gave up the ghost.

I've found a lot here about the RS3000 "aftermarket" dealer-installed alarm that is supposed to be under the drivers seat. My 80 came from VA and has a different system, with Audiovox branded literature. I have the original manual if anyone needs a copy.

It does not mention an identifier but I found the fob from an image search. I have NOT found an option less than $90. I assume the signal is not something that I can get with any old generic 315 MHz fob. If you search for 80 series key fobs on any site I've found, they reference only the RS3000 for some reason.

This is the original, dealer installed one:

TDS Rostra
TDS systems
1992 1993 1994 1995 Toyota Camry
1992 1993 1994 1995 Toyota 4Runner
1992 1993 1994 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser
1992 1993 1994 1995 Toyota Corolla
1992 1993 1994 1995 Toyota Celica

I only posted in case some soul decides to put a couple of hours of research into finding a fob, like I have.
Nov 15, 2014
Hllsborough, NC
While watching the net for one to pop up, I sent an email to Voxx in case there is a compatible one still made (I bet I'm not the first to try).


Lisa (VOXX International)

Aug 8, 3:48 PM EDT

Dear Shawn,

APSBT is not a valid part number in our system. Going by the screenshot you had attached, the remote pictured is part number APSBT4. That remote was used with the APS4 system. Both the APS4 and APSBT4 have been discontinued for many years. Unfortunately, we no longer have any compatible replacement remotes available.
Customer Service

Shawn ****

Aug 6, 12:44 AM EDT

For 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser dealer installed alarm/keyless entry. What is a current replacement for the discontinued APSBT?
Jan 26, 2017
Chattanooga, Tn
Not sure what is wrong with your original, but you can rehab it too if it is still powering up. Pop it open and in the board is a little can shaped thing on the board, it has a very small Philips head screw. Turn that clockwise EVERSO slightly. This will adjust the frequency up a tad. May put you back in range of the correct frequency.

Added link to video
Dec 27, 2018
Auburn Alabama
Hate reviving an older thread from this year but I'm not going to start a thread for the same issue. I need a replacement for this, I have 2 working TDS remotes as pictured above but both keyring mounting tabs have broken off just general use over time. Is there a confirmed alternate/aftermarket remote with programming instructions for the no-valet switch single red led security system found on FJ80 and early FZJ80.

@ShawninVA & @Jgrauman , did you guys ever confirm a suitable replacement?

Edit: I did try the remote below as it said it would work for my 1993 FZJ80 (As the key fob does have a red led) but the programming instructions don't line up and no idea how to even pair a remote to my unit (Due to the fact its not a VIP RS3000 system and its a "Rostra?"). I don't want to pay $100 on ebay for another remote and have it break if I can avoid it.

RS3000 Remote I thought that would work

Replacement Rostra Remote Out of Stock (TDS JDRAPSBT)

Edit 2: I'm aware of this thread for a solution, although I'd like something a little bit more elegant if possible:

Epoxy Key Fob
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