It's quiet in here

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Feb 5, 2003
Oshkosh, WI
Anything new? I'm locking and replacing the bearings in my FJ62 this weekend. I should be able to finish my camry this weekend also, it got painted yesterday. Wife says the yard looks like crap and the gutters need cleaning. Anyone else have a winter's worth of projects to do in a couple weeks?
I hear my bathroom is getting painted, and some new cabinets are going in....

so i
Pink toilet, purple cabinets and fuzzy green carpeted toilet seat covers I'd bet.
I finally am home but not getting much done. New faucets in the kitchen and crapper. Need to get a ladder to use the leaf blower on the gutters. the old neighbor had one I could use now I going to have to buy one darn it.
Woody are you joining us for Darlington Races? I need to get the tickets ordered.
I wish a leaf blower would work. Mine are always wet and full of nature. I'd really like to rip the gutters off the house and put up new. It is one of the ONLY things I haven't done to the house yet. I just can't see tearing off something that isn't bad. If there was a self cleaning system that worked, I'd be all over it.

Screw it, I think I'll just go fishing. :flipoff2:
looks like I'm switchin teams for a bit Chris, so Darlington is out....flyin out to the Central crew next week Wed
looks like I'm switchin teams for a bit Chris

I KNEW IT!!! We finally have the younger gayer Rock Hudson OUT OF THE CLOSET!!!!!
Dam switch hitters.......................... :flipoff2:

or was that................................

Dan's a switch hitter :idea:
Nice try at the funnay! Nothing to see here, move along.
Gutters from mudracer

Last year I got tired of cleaning my gutters and had a product called "GUTTER CAPS" instaled. So far no leaves or helicopters cloging up the works. I realy like them so far.
It's not that bad of a job for me to spend money on the old gutters. I just like to bitch about it. It'll be done next weekend or so.
Any lurkers here? Anyone doing any wheeling besides Woody? Bastid was playing golf the other day too. Any new projects going on? I locked the rear end in my cruiser and changed all the bearings. I also pulled out what looked to be the original plugs wires, cap and rotor. It's got all kinds of balls now compared to before. However the battery tray rotted out and was laying on the inner fender. New battery tray is on order and I hope to have it in by the weekend pipeline clean up. Anyone else going to be there?
I'm lurking here and there. Right now fishing season is on so truck work has halted. SPending spare time cleaning up the 69 Z for sale in the next month. From all the interest so far, I may not even have to advertise it. Maybe I can take some of the cash from the sale and apply it to some goodies on the '74 40.
Hmmmm 69 Z, must post pictures!
Will do. Give me at least a few days (like this weekend). It truly is a nice clean car.
Oh, I need to figure out posting photos too. Man I procrastinate like no other.:beer:
I finally got my photos up in a different thread.
It's quiet in here again. Found the post from last year instead of a new one. Gotta clean the gutters again, yard looks like crap but is still to wet. Not much wheeling in site at the moment.

Anybody doing anything exciting?
Getting the FJ ready for the United Wheelin in Virginia. Leave Tuesday the April 8th come back on the 13th. Long straight through drive. but should be some fun wheeling.

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