Its Alive.........for the most part

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Nov 2, 2006
Got my carb in yesterday and got her dialed in today. Took it around on the farms after it got good and hot and at high speeds and going up steep inclines it wants to cut out. This is the same reason i sent the carb to ccot in the first place. They done an excellent job by the way. It needed a rebuild anyhow though, im sure it was the original carb, never been rebuilt before. Sounds like a fuel pump to me what do you guys think? It has a slight miss at idle also but it runs so much smoother than before. Basically it'll cut out and a i can just stop, pat the gas a few times, let it idle for a few seconds and its good. What do you guys think? All new vacuum lines also by the way. No leaks.
sounds like the float needs tweeking......or sealing between the carb and manifold
Well it had the exact problem before the rebuild so im going a different route. I wouldnt think the float would have anything to do with going up a hill and not giving it much throttle. It done this before so thats why i got the carb rebuilt. Im not complaining about wasting money cuz it runs great around the farm until it gets hot. I might not of mentioned that, only when it gets hot.
where is the gas level in the sight glass?
to tell the truth i havnt looked. But before it was at normal level, about 1/3 of the way up if i recall correct when it was doing it.
needs to be 1/2 way up in the glass......
I looked this morning, it is halfway and looking through my notes it was before. I really wouldnt think its the float to have the same simptons both before and after the rebuild. Could a bad fuel pump cause this? I know on tractors once they get to operating temp they get weak. New fuel filter on it also.
One more thing, the sight glass was actually empty this morning until i started it, ran it, and cut it off to check. That is another thing leading me to believe fuel pump. Sound right? It was like this before rebuild also.
A bad fuel pump would most likely cause it to do it all of the time, not only when hot, from my exp the only thing in the fuel pump that would be a miss is the diaghpram.....again this would cause it to run crap all the time.......

If the craby has been reco'd it doesn't mean they would have adjusted the float.......
It's a quick job to remove the fuel pump to check.........(Scotish accent)To be sure, to be sure

sounds like a matter of thing at a time then re-check
I had adjusted the float before i sent it off. I guess i forgot to say this isnt the same carb i sent them off. CCOT apparently sends you a different carb, like a core when they recieve yours,which makes no sense since i had to wait on a mechanic to fix it. All i know is its not mine. One Vacuum line hookup is different. Mine had 3 on the passeneger side of carb while this one has 2 on the side and one on the front side. Also it has a metal thing on the sight glass, mine different. I just dont see it being the float. Im not trying to be a know it all at all but i really dont think thats it. Two different carbs doing the same thing? Im paranoid as hell of taking the top off to adjust it cuz the last time i done it,with the old carb it never did run right afterward........well it wouldnt run no matter how i adjusted the float. Done a simple task and messed it up.
Give CCOT a call and see if they found anything wrong with your old carby............before taking the new one appart

if you remove the fuel pump be sure to have some gasket paper handy to cut a new one.......being a farmer you should have a minium of say 100 meters lying around.........just stirin'

oh and have you got any inline filters that havent been replaced or inspected. You did say that you changed one but is that all on the vehicle?

good luck with it.......let us know whats happening.....and if its a goer

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