Is it worth going to 37s?

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Not required
dc drive shaft
Dictated by lift, not tires. If your current lift doesn’t need it then you don’t need it.
some trimming
Maybe/depends, but not a universal requirement.
can’t fit a 37” spare in the stock location
limited up travel
Depends, but not a universal requirement.
will require an aftermarket bumper
37's rock. You "will" be going slower than most heading up the passes on I15 though with stock gearing. If you run cheap brakes you may feel the difference stopping.

On the positive side, you can now park on the higher planters in various malls.
Do it. The worst that can happen is you sell the tires and put on smaller. If you had to ask and you don't do it, you will always wish you did. I went back to 33's due to worn engine, towing and the distance I drive. I now have a completely rebuilt driveline. Once I regear, you bet I'm going back.
Love my 4.88 Prius on 37s. The ideal LA metro daily.

Worth = regear, dc drive shaft, some trimming, can’t fit a 37” spare in the stock location, limited up travel, will require an aftermarket bumper…
Yeah. Still not worth it imo. lol But I'm a cheaparse.
Tho agreed it would look good probably.
And I too am looking at a regear (for 35's while I'm at it) it's cheaper than a refreshed engine.
I had 35's on "heavy J springs" 488's/max bump stops. and as someone said "made it look like it had way too much gap".
sold my new 35's and bought 37's "maxis kreepy krawlers" and I have been so happy and never looked back.
and YES to all thats been said, it'll handle differently... but the LOOKS and CAPABILITY OUT WEIGH IT ALL!!!!
On other offroad trucks, Ive had 42's and 38.5 before, so I am aware of their road manners. your a CALI boy, you know how we do
GO BIG or go home!

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