Is it all in my head?

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Sep 18, 2010
Urbandale, Iowa
Background. I have owned a 97 LX450 for about two months. Since I've owned it I had to do all new rotors, pads and new rear calipers. Also flushed the brake lines. Then I put new tires and ome springs and shocks on.

That brings us to today. The 80 has 157k on the clock. Blackstone report came back last week with a clean bill of health. I should also add all prior service records were destroyed by the dealership I got it from. So no history on prior PM.

So today I drained the front and rear diff and transfer case. And I SWEAR I can tell the difference. Like the gears are smoother...or not growling if that makes sense.

Am I crazy or can a person tell from a seat of the pants gauge on just changing gear oil?

Have you ever gotten better performance after a detail and wash? Some people report better mpg after a wax. Stuff like this is usually in our head. I'm sure the old girl appreciates the new fluids and performs accordingly so I'm sure you can tell the difference in this case.
I've found diffs will lock up quicker with fresh oil, CDL in my wife's GX specifically. It's mostly in our heads though, lol.
The only time ive truely had a performance difference is when i changed my tranmission fluid. Gear changes were smoother, quicker, and it seemed to fully get rid of a hesitation issue i was having. I've also had a major difference in a manual transmission in a wrx that had old dino oil in it and i did a full synthetic swap. It got rid of a first gear grinding isshe
Could depend on what the previous owner had been using for gear oil. IME a change in viscosity of the gear oil can make a difference in the sound and/or "feel" of the gear boxes. Also if the front diff fluid was contaminated with knuckle grease then changing that out to fresh gear oil can make the front axle/diff feel/sound smoother, IME.
If it was serviced at a Lexus or Toyota dealership those pm records still exist.. Call your Lexus dealership up with your vin # and they will email all service records to you..
It hadn't been to lexus in about 60k miles. Or since it had 90k on it.
I know for a fact that my 80 runs smoother after I do any sort of PM or upgrade to her. I just fixed her windshield washer reservoir and she purrs like a kitten now. ;)

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