IPF 900DDCS HID Conversion

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Feb 19, 2008
Bellevue, WA
In one of my threads,(https://forum.ih8mud.com/80-series-tech/338672-ipfs-these.html) I was debating over which IPF lights to purchase. Since Costco has such a great return policy, I decided to buy both and see which one I liked better. Before this, I was considering buying the cheap HID's at Schucks/Kragen/etc. but found this link (My HID conversion into IPF driving lights (Total of $250) - Expedition Portal Forum) and decided to follow in his footsteps.
I have the Slee light and aux light harness so I didn't use the IPF wires. I first tried putting the HID bulbs in the 968 lights and the back of the HID bulbs were protruding too much in the back that it was hitting the housing. I wasn't willing to drill the back of the housing so I then put it in the 900DDCS housing. I like the look of the bigger lights on the ARB bar better anyway. The only issue I had with mounting these larger lights on the ARB bar was that the white covers they came with won't fit on the housing due to the bottom tab protruding. That could easily be remedied by trimming the tab but I was interested in finding some clear covers for the lights so I didn't have to take the covers off to turn the lights on.
A quick call to ARB, and with the help of T.R. I drove down to their office and test fitted some clear covers that were meant for the 900msr and they fit perfect. Turns out they use the same housing for both lights, just different reflectors. I did have to extend the bulb wires because of where I mounted the ballasts (unless you drill out the back of the housing to fit the bulb wires, you're going to have to cut the wires, run them through the housing and then reconnect them).

Here's a light with the clear covers on:


Brick wall ~75 ft away with just low beams:

Low beams with IPF's on:

Low beams only at a parking lot:

Low beam with IPF's (the visible posts at the end is over 100 yds away and is slightly elevated)

Sorry for the lame night time pics. The HID lights are way brighter than the camera shows and the pics don't do them justice. I still need to aim the lights too. I can try to take better ones later if requested.

If anyone near me has the Schuck's HID lights, I'd definitely like to meet up to compare to see if doing this conversion is worth it or if it's better to just stick with the cheaper HID lights.

Cost for IPF lights and HID kit: $320

May 19, 2008
willamette/umpqua divide
I have those, but Eugene is not that close. I have been wanting to do a comparison though; maybe I should get some pics of what I roll... and update the old siggy too.
Aug 21, 2003
Although the pics don't do justice indeed I'm sure the lights with the conversion are very good.

I would have liked to see the halogen and the HID comparison pics, as well as would like to see the Checker/Kragen(sp) comparison pics sometime!

And the clear covers look great!!


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