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Dec 9, 2003
Anyone know a source for an illustrated parts catalog for FJ40's, specifically 78-? Printed or CD is ok.
you can use the russian EPC(thats what you mean)

run it thru bablefish to translate, they had all the way back to 67 but took it off :(

Yankee Toys has one you can download, it's euro spec. I have seen EPC's on Ebay but havn't tried on.

If you can find it, Toyota prolly had a print version(same as the fisch)

Or you can buy a micro fisch for $10, get a cheap reader.

John H
I have to gvie this one more bump. I have been screwing around with the fische for a while and paid a few buck$ for it. I suggest, if you are doing a restoration or have something you want to keep stock, you buy this. I am looking forward to my copy.

Thanks, Jake.
thank you !



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