Invader from the South...

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Sep 6, 2002
Danville, PA
Hey all.. Looks like me and my Cruiser Chick (Nicole-my wife) will be coming up this way in August-September sometime.. We'll be living in the Danville / Bloomsburg area.

She's originally from the Scranton area, and I was born in Jersey, but don't hold it against me...:D

The plan for one year is to rent a house while our new pad is being built.. Why should anyone here care about all that? Because behind the house will be a ~30x50 shop, and I'll be damned if it won't have a lift.. :grinpimp:

Anyway, just wanted to say hi.. I have a feeling I'll be spending alot of time at Rausch...
thats awesome man, i live not even 10 minutes from danville, outside of northumberland, and jeff(wayneraintree) lives in northumberland right now, but he's moving back to kentucky in august i think

you'll like rausch, its a great place to wheel...heading there right now;p
welcome to pa!

John's right. Rausch Is a great place to wheel It truly has a good mix of everything.

Looking forward to seeing you and your wife (I bring mine alot. Molly) on the trails.
Have you remained true to your colors...Eagle Green? Flyers Orange? Scranton does have a semi-pro hockey team - so long as you support those guys you'll fit right in - Welcome back.

Lookout for that Zu guy -he's crazy!
Looking forward to it guys.. I think me and "that Zu guy" should get along just fine, as I've been told I'm a little nuts too.

Nicole still likes the Eagles, even though "they suck" in her words.. Me - I'm not much into it unless there's an engine... :)
Spoken like a true Eagles fan!

so true, so true.. go eagles.............

lets see if the filly flyers can pull it out of their toosh..... at least we'll have a PA team in it.. oh,I hate the devils.... just to be clear.

Looks like your 1/2 to RC for me. If your up this way and need a stop over, your welcome.. I'm only 20 minutes from paragon...RIP

Welcome back,

in July the bloomsburg fairground host the 4wheel drive jamboree, in the fall it's the Fair. got to get the apple dumplings (look for the long line).

Depending where in Bloom there's a few small festivals in nescopeck (just north, Heller's orchard) apple/peach. and theres a small winery there also. Try to get to blooming thai in downtown with a group, fun times...

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