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Aug 6, 2010
Hey everybody,

My name is Bryan and I just moved to Greenville in May. I work for a men's clothing company here and am recently out of school in VA. I have driven an '05 Sport Edition 4Runner for the past two years and am looking to move on. Willing to trade for a quality 60 or for a more low end 60 plus cash. I just moved to a house on Saluda Lake so I would entertain a boat plus cash trade as well. Sorry that my first post is a solication haha but I am looking forward to getting involved. Saw your sponsored road on the way up to Jones Gap so I thought I'd get plugged in.
Sweet! Mookie has a 60 for sale in the for sale section...

It is a madness: or an addiction, but it's all ours, and now it can be yours too!!! Welcome aboard.:)
Welcome. What Doc said... Otherwise why would I be typing this at 6:20am?

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