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Apr 7, 2007
vancouver b.c
:beer: Hello CruiserNation,I have a 1985 BJ 60(non-Turbo so far).Before this I had a 1988 Fj62(f*^&%#! great)Did tons of work on this truck but the frame died.Now have my current rig w/ a 3b and turning this into a long term project.Was luck enough to got to high school with EBI
Landcruiser Steve and am lovin the benefits.The 3b is currently stock with great frame and engine but am going to add Turbo and O.M.E and go from there.Updates as required.
Will get the pics and loc pdq(ps.have a lot of questions on the 3b!)
Hey BJ, welcome to mud as they say (I'm sort of new here too, just don't post much)

If you went to school with EBI Steve that means your in my neck of the woods. Lower Mainland, BC.

You'll find a lot of BJ owers around here as well as a couple of really good BJ mechanics too.

Looking forward to seeing your pics as well as the OME kit when done. I'm doing my suspention in the next couple of weeks. Got the parts from Steve last week.

I am trying to get my l/c specs on the bottom of my posting... how do you do it?
a great bj, check out the diesel section too. Lots of 3b posts in there. Cheers and welcome to the board.
Hey Mat,let me know time and place and I'll see if I can make it(hell of a week coming up)Got lots of questions.
We're meeting on Thursday (12th) at the Golden Spike Pub for 6 for dinner, who ever wants to and then we're meeting around 7:30-7:45 at Steve's shop (EBI) on Morey St. just around the corner. Bring a lawn chair or something to sit on. If you want call me 604.803.3506.

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